RhinoGold Render Studio 3.0 - Update

The RhinoGold Team announces an update for the rendering solution RhinoGold Render Studio 3.0 thanks to customers' suggestions. 

On this update

  • New materials added
    • Metal Polished: White Gold (dark)
    • Metal Polished: White Gold (light)
  • Transparent Ground Plane: by default, without selecting any ground plate it is transparent (also, when creating the 3D model for Web)
  • Ground Planes "Jeans" and "Twill Weaver" working properly
  • Minor bugs fixed

How to Update:

Aren't you a RhinoGold Render Studio user?

If you have any doubt, please, contact us anytime.


The RhinoGold Team 
TDM Solutions SL 

Last updated by Xavi Rofes Oct 10, 2011.

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